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What Makes Me Good

Street Cred


What’s more valuable than time in the trenches? Its been 10 years since Kristen formally started her business and she has been weaving webs full time since 2005. Prior to starting WBK, Kristen designed websites part time for 5 years, and first learned to program and design before she could drive a car.


Yes, Kristen has that piece of paper that says she successfully toiled through four years of exams, early morning classes, and ridiculous attempts to learn Latin for no reason that has assisted her in her adult life. Kristen graduated from Miami University (Ohio, not Florida) with a BA in 2004.

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Making it Work

Coding Skills

Let’s play a game! It’s called how much time does Kristen spend programming in the following languages. (Don’t worry, it shouldn’t add up to 100%. Apparently there are more percents than there is time, or we just need a Venn diagram instead.)

Web programming is a combination of several languages that all work together to make a website great. HTML serves as a foundation, CSS makes things look pretty and consistent throughout your website, PHP allows you to manipulate servers, databases, and add logic to your code, and JavaScript is basically a worker bee for math and other fun things.

All you really need to know is… Kristen does them all.

HTML 95%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 85%
PHP 85%
SQL (Databases) 35%

Things you should know

What Else?

Seeing is Believing

Yup! Website development has two components: design and programming. So where are your design statistics you ask? Well, website design is better seen than calculated, so head on over to the portfolio and have a look at some of Kristen’s most recent work.

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Fun Facts

Now that all of the important stuff is out of the way…

I Live by The Sea!

In 2013 I moved to Portsmouth, NH from Cincinnati, OH. Prior to that, I had no idea that New Hampshire had a Seacoast (probably because its only 18 miles long), but I’m so glad it does!

Chloe McScoot

One of my favorite pastimes is driving my scooter up and down the coast, smelling the sea, and enjoying everything that my surroundings have to offer. My scooter is sea foam green (obviously) and her name is Chloe McScoot.

I Do Music Things Too

I have “worked” as a musician’s agent, concert promoter and presenter, tour manager, and have designed more CD’s and band websites than I can count. I love music. It feeds the soul.

I Really Love to Travel

Traveling expands your mind, gives you new ideas, and educates you on how the rest of the world lives. Unfortunately due to a concept called “Self-Employed Unpaid Vacation Time”, I generally fit in 2 weeks of vacation every 3-4 years.