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Website design, programming, e-commerce and content management, WBK has it all!

Let’s face it, everyone has different taste in design. Some people want artistic design, some people want a clean and corporate website, and some people want dancing unicorns* all over their home page. Kristen strives to design websites based on her clients’ needs and style preferences while keeping the website’s target audience and good design practice in mind. Additionally, she uses her expertise to ensure your new site adheres to industry website design and programming standards.

Client budget is also very important to WBK and Kristen works with all clients to come up with options that will fit within almost any budget. She always ensures the client has detailed information about every item in her proposals so that an educated decision can be made about about the final project scope.

*While no dancing unicorns were injured during the making of this website, WBK will not implement dancing unicorns into any professional website design no matter how much you might want them.

Web Design Services

What WBK Does for you

Website Design

Kristen specializes in custom website design for small business and personal websites, while also offering non-custom sites for those on a tight budget.


Need to sell things? WBK has many different budget friendly options for you depending on your current needs and long-term goals.

Web Development

Kristen has over 15 years of programming experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Need something programmed? You got it!

Custom Mobile Sites

Everything is going mobile these days. Don’t get stuck with a website that isn’t mobile friendly. Your website’s future depends on it!

Content Management

WBK specializes in custom WordPress content managed websites which will give you an easy way to update your website content without a programmer.

Updates & Maintenance

Just need a little face lift on your site? Kristen does that too! She even bills hourly with no monthly service contract. Only pay for the work that is actually done for once!