The Word on the Street

Seacoast website testimonials

The best way to show success in producing happy clients with fantastic websites is by asking the clients themselves.

Kristen’s number one goal is to make her client’s happy, and this means something different for everyone. For some its responsiveness and professionalism, others its design quality, and some clients just want it done as fast as possible. Kristen runs her business the same way that she runs her life, treat others as you would want to be treated. Its a very simple concept, yet it can take you a very long way in life and in business.

Have a look at some of Kristen’s client testimonials below, and if you should be interested in further references, just ask! WBK clients come from all corners of the globe and represent pretty much any industry sector you can think of (well, almost).

Dr. Michael Kreines

“I have to say that I love your work, attention to detail, prompt responses, and creativity. Thanks again.”

Brent Duersch

“Everybody is really pleased with how the the website is turning out, and it’s rare that the three of us agree on anything when it comes to artistic matters!”

Chris Schulte

“I have to admit, I had to pick my jaw off the floor. The design is amazing!!”

Mark Kerley

“Kristen not only implemented my design into a workable website, but also accomplished it on-time and at a fantastic price to boot. And no complaints with my little design changes here and there. I highly recommend Websites by Kristen if you’re looking to have some website work done anytime in the near future.”

Chelsea Lay

“Kristen responded very quickly to my inquiry about getting work done on my website. She sent out 3 ideas that fit for my small business budget. She made it so I could easily manage my site when she was finished. I’m extremely pleased with the work she did and hope to send many more clients her way. Thank you Kristen!”

Kevin Henderson

“From our first contact to the launch of our website, working with Websites by Kristen has been a revelation. As well as being extremely professional, efficient and innovative they provide excellent value for money. We could not recommend “Websites by Kristen” highly enough to any company wishing to create or update their website. ”

David Munnelly

“Brilliant! You captured me in this, everything I wanted. Thanks is such a small word… but THANKS!!”

Malcolm Ballard

“I tell you, you are a genius – PERFECT.”

Lauren Dooley

“This looks absolutely outstanding! You totally captured the look and feel that I wanted.”

Diane Sticklen-Jordan

“Kristen, thank you so much for working so quickly on our new amazing website. It is clear that you are one of the few good listeners in the world… you really understand us!”

Naria Hamilton

“Our website needed a total overhaul from the cookie cutter template we haphazardly threw together and finding someone who understood what we were looking for was easier said than done. From the onset, Kristen was very professional but welcoming and we felt that she understood what we needed without us having to babysit her work each step of the way. We love our site and continue to refer her to others.”

Dr. Jennifer DePalma-Duersch

“Kristen does it all! She provides design, programming, and timely customer support, which makes for a low-stress process and an attractive, professional final product!”

Drew McLandrich

“Working with Kristen is a pleasure. She is quick, accurate and very knowledgeable. You never have to ask Kristen, where is the work I requested? It’s already done and done excellently!”