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The talent behind the scenes

Meet the WBK Team

Kristen Kirby

Boss Lady in Charge
WBK owner Kristen Kirby is both an expert designer and programmer with over 15 years of website design and development experience.

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Cuppa Joe

Office Workflow Coordinator

With 10 years of company experience, Cuppa Joe is an essential team member. His efforts toward moving each website project forward is one of the primary driving forces behind the success and efficiency of the WBK team.


Public Relations Manager

Maya is a recent addition to the WBK team. She was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee and has an excellent talent for dealing with the public. Maya likes squirrels, long walks, and hopes to one day be allowed to eat anything she wants.

The WBK Approach
Artistic Vision
Technical Skill

In order to design and develop a great website, there must be balance between artistic vision and technical skill.

Every day websites are produced by other companies which are lacking in both design and functionality, and many times whomever purchased these websites were most likely overcharged for the product that they received.

With many years of experience, Kristen believes in quality work, that a project is not complete unless it is the best it can be, and in fair pricing. Nothing is worse than overpaying for a sub-par product.

Kristen believes that her clients should be able to make an educated decision about their website design and development needs and is happy to explain any technical terminology and any special website functions so that clients who are less than technically savvy can make a budget-friendly decision about their new website.

In order to better serve your needs, WBK provides flat rates for basic services. This allows you to customize your website with the features you need, while at the same time controlling your cost.

Because certain features are necessary for a website to serve its purpose properly, JavaScript effects, Cascading Style Sheets, and certain other functions are included in the flat rate. This allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your website for marketing purposes, while also catching a user’s attention with attractive design features.

For more involved projects with a need for extensive programming, you will be provided with a complete itemized proposal outlining time requirements for each portion of your site, and the cost of each portion. This allows you to see where your money is going even before we begin your project, and make adjustments according to your budget.

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